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Stephen Huszar Teases A Royal Christmas Crush Sequel with Real-Life Girlfriend Katie Cassidy: ‘It’s Time’

Written by owner on May 23 2024

soaps.sheknows – Off-screen, Huszar has a Hallmark-worthy love story of his own. While filming 2023’s A Royal Christmas Crush, Huszar and his co-star, Katie Cassidy, fell for each other and are now dating. The couple kept their romance a secret on set to remain professional, but went public ahead of the movie’s premiere that July.

In our conversation below, we discuss Huszar’s new movie, the potential for a Royal Christmas Crush sequel and much more.

Soaps: What kind of dog do you have? Would you say you’re more of a cat or a dog person?
SH: We have a massive Burmese Swiss mountain dog who’s upwards of a hundred pounds, so she’s a handful … literally. She pulls me up the mountain. As soon as she wants something, that’s the direction she goes and that’s the direction I go. But she’s just the sweetest, always smiling. Just has the biggest heart and is so in love with life. It’s amazing, it really reminds you how important it is just to be grateful. And then we have two Persian cats. It’s a whole different scenario with cats. They don’t really care if you’re around, but these guys are a little special. They give us their love and they let us know in their own subtle ways that they’re excited when we get back.

Soaps: You and your partner [Katie Cassidy] obviously met on the set of A Royal Christmas Crush. Would you guys ever want to do a sequel?
SH: Yes, definitely. So Hallmark, if you’re listening, yes we want to. But yeah, we have actually been asked that quite a bit. So, it’s nice that there’s fans asking and I think it’s time. We would love that, so we’ll see what happens. Hallmark has their own ideas for things, but it certainly helps when obviously actors are pushing for something together and we have been. There are some other projects that we’re looking at doing together in the near future, so maybe that could be one of them. We’ll see.

Soaps: For Hallmark or just in general?
SH: In general, but potentially for Hallmark as well. Katie is extremely, extremely busy with her work and anytime that we can be in the same place and actually be on the same job, it’s great. We’re traveling so much and always visiting each other on set, so it just makes life easier.

Soaps: I know you guys kind of kept your relationship under wraps during that movie. Do you think it’d be different working together now that your relationship is public?
SH Yeah, it’s pretty hard to hide that these days. But I think it’s wonderful when partners can work together. I think it’s also probably interesting for the fans to watch and see how that dynamic is now that they know about us. And then we’re in different characters too, so it’s fun for us.

VH1 Bubblegum Babylon

Written by owner on May 14 2024

Last year a little clip from the VH1 Bubblegum Babylon documentary came out and I did think that would be the best we got from it but today the most amazing thing happend the full documentary was added on youtube, I did think this day would never happen and it was lost to time. The documentary follows Katie in the months before her song I think I love you came out and shows just how hard they were pushing for her to make it big and what was going on with it after the song came out and how unfortunately the song did not take of or make Katie a name and its a shame to as there was a second song ready to go that Katie said was more her, And I will still stand by picking the song they did was only going to end in failure and them trying to use her dad, she should have come out with a new song and gone as far away from him as her team could make it. The other thing it shows is Katie being a kid and what it was like for her then and that is a great thing to see, and just how many interviews she did back then that we have never seen and were lost to time. You can watch the video below and see the caps in the gallery, they are not the best quaily but it will be the best we get.





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Katie Cassidy Hints She’s ‘Open’ to Future Stephen Huszar Engagement After Past Divorce

Written by owner on May 12 2024

US Magazine – Katie Cassidy’s 2020 divorce hasn’t soured her from the idea of one day walking down the aisle with boyfriend Stephen Huszar.

“It’s a conversation I’ve had with myself that I don’t think I expected to have with myself,” Cassidy, 37, exclusively told Us Weekly on Friday, May 10, at the Race To Erase MS Gala at Fairmont Century Plaza. “If that tells you anything at all. I think I’m certainly more open to something, whether it be now or in the near future with this person, but I certainly didn’t ever think that I could say that again.”

Cassidy was previously married to Matthew Rodgers, filing for divorce in 2020. Nearly three years later, she connected with Huszar, 40, on the set of Hallmark’s A Royal Christmas Crush. The pair privately started dating, debuting their romance in July 2023 ahead of the film premiere. (Cassidy previously told Us that she and Huszar kept their relationship a secret to remain professional on set.)

“He’s amazing. I’ve never really thought I would date another actor. He’s incredible,” Cassidy gushed to Us. “We’re very happy. It’s been amazing when you meet somebody and it just sort of makes sense. You didn’t ever think it would or weren’t necessarily looking for it and then it sort of happened.”

The chemistry with Huszar “definitely caught” Cassidy “by surprise” following her divorce. “I think you live and learn and you just have to go through it and have an open heart and trust,” she said of finding love again after heartbreak. “I think what was great was I was focusing on more of myself during the time that he and I met. I wasn’t looking for [a relationship].”

She continued, “I was open, but I was still a little hesitant but he and I, after working together towards the end, we became really good friends and then we were professional but once we were done, sparks happened.”

Once A Royal Christmas Crush wrapped, the two “homebodies” enjoyed low-key date nights. “We like cooking [and] spending time at home,” Cassidy added on Friday. “But we also love to travel. During the [SAG-AFTRA] strike, we had time to travel and do all these wonderful things.”

Cassidy previously tied the knot with Rodgers in December 2017. Us confirmed three years later in January 2020 that Cassidy filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences.” The motion was finalized in March 2021.

Katie At Event 4 – 2024

Written by owner on May 12 2024

For the third year in a row Katie has made the 2024 Race To Erase MS Gala in LA, And I have to say her style at these event’s keeps getting better and better with this dress being my fav so far, tho from what Katie said not the most practical to be in. Over 90HQ photos from the night are now up in the gallery for you all.



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Katie To Be At Tampa Bay Comic Con – August 23rd-25th

Written by owner on May 09 2024

After more then a year without Katie doing a Comic-Con she is at last back doing them with the recent announcement she will be at Tampa Bay Comic Con on Auguest 23rd-25th and will be doing all three days there. The prices are out for both Katie’s auto and photoshoot with the auto being $50 and photoshoot for $70 and you can pre-order it Here but for some odd reason Katie only has a photoshoot on the Sunday for pre-order. The entry tickets are from $299 – $35 and you can get them all Here. It’s great to see Katie doing cons again and hint hint the UK next Katie.

Katie For “The TV Shield”

Written by owner on April 30 2024

As explained by actress Katie Cassidy (as seen in Arrow, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Black Christmas, Click, and more), The TV Shield is a patented, universal, weatherproof, and secure outdoor TV enclosure designed for use with just about any standard OLED, LCD, plasma, or LED flat screen television.

The TV Shield’s front panel easily props open for an optional direct view of your TV, allowing you to watch, protect, and secure most TVs in nearly any environment. The TV Shield outdoor TV enclosure is the leading affordable alternative to an expensive outdoor TV, and the industry leader in indoor, and weatherproof outdoor TV cabinet solutions. The unit is manufactured in the USA using a HMWPE (High Molecular-Weight Polyethylene) plastic case which is an outdoor plastic proven to last 20 years or more (used in outdoor children’s slides and body armor).

The TV Shield weatherproof outdoor TV enclosure also features a guaranteed not to crack, thick, shatterproof front shield built with ultra-clear grade Lexan® polycarbonate (the same material used in bullet proof glass, racecar, and spacecraft windshields), which was exhaustively researched and ultimately chosen as it is not shatter-resistant, but shatterproof, unlike the cheaper safety glass used in other protective TV cabinet options. The TV Shield affordable weatherproof outdoor TV enclosure is the leading outdoor & indoor TV enclosure for any 19 to 65 inch flat screen television (US Patent 9235232).

The TV Shield Outdoor TV Cabinet Features:
Entire rainproof unit is sealed to defend TV against moisture intrusion and water damage, using our ExactSeal sealing system
Thermostatically controlled 36CFM, 115V filtered fan system available- sold separately
Protective front panel props open easily for a direct view of TV – clear or anti-glare is available
Shatterproof front panel to defend the screen
Dual high strength metal, chambered key lock system to protect your investment
Windproof back housing manufactured with outdoor plastics that fortifies the TV or display against impact
Two louvered vents with bug and moisture screen that prevent heat buildup and bug intrusion which could damage the monitor
Lightweight and easy to install
Universal design that works with any standard VESA mount
The TV Shield is a unique and patented design
The TV Shield outdoor TV enclosures are MADE IN THE USA

New Katie Video

Written by owner on April 24 2024

Katie has her own Vimeo page and she has added a new video to it that I would guess is from casting she is doing. I think it’s cool she add’s them so we can see them as well, And we need to see Katie again on out TV.

ASH S.1 T.1 from KatieCassidy on Vimeo.

KatieCassidy_AshS1T1 from KatieCassidy on Vimeo.

Katie At Event 3, 2024

Written by owner on April 24 2024

As I said in my last post Katie was in LA at Retrospecs on Sunday with a ton of others some being her old co-stars and the Arrow Creator Marc Guggenheim who Katie did a old west wing script he did way back that was never used. I have a couple of Photos from the event in the gallery now. I hope official ones come but I don’t think they will so this is the best we will have.


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Katie At Retrospecs Toight

Written by owner on April 21 2024

Katie will be doing a new live show today called Retrospecs were they will be doing old tv scripts that were never made into episodes. The show will star Katie’s co-star from Grace Debby Ryan and Supernatural Jim Beaver. You can watch the show live in person for $15 and you can watch on Livestream for $10 Here and the show will be from 2:00 PM 4:00 PM with the Doors opening at 1:30pm and its first come first served basis

Back in the early days of television (the 1990s), writers hoping to break in would write episodes of existing shows; these “spec” scripts were never meant to be produced, only to serve as samples for the aspiring writer. Spec scripts have gone out of fashion, but, in addition to being a great way to learn the craft, they were a lot of fun! You got to see the stamp individual writers put on your favorite shows.

In Retrospecs, we dig those old scripts by established writers out of their drawers and expose them to the warm light of the Elysian stage. Starring actors you know and love from TV, film, comedy, and the stage. From Girls to Gilmore Girls, from the Big Bang Theory to Buffy, get NEW EPISODES of your favorite shows, written by writers who never wrote for those shows! Only from Retrospecs.

Produced and presented by Ben Blacker (Thrilling Adventure Hour; Dead Pilots Society) Associate produced by Will Choi (Asian AF)

The April 21st show will feature:
Debby Ryan (Shortcomings)
Katie Cassidy (Arrow)
Jason George (Station 19)
Jim Beaver (Supernatural)
Olivia Scott Welch (Fear Street)
Sherry Cola (Joy Ride)
John Ross Bowie (The Big Bang Theory)
Kiran Deol (Destroy All Neighbors)
Ricardo Hurtado (School of Rock)
Demi Adejuyigbe (The Good Place)
Hrishikesh Hirway (West Wing Weekly; Song Exploder)
Lucas Hazlett (American Princess)

Katie For Cacannabisdept

Written by owner on March 31 2024

Ever feel like you’re in a creative slump? Me too. That’s where the benefits of legal #RealCA ? comes in, offering a regulated and trustworthy option for enhancing creativity and tapping into a flow state.

With RCC, it’s all regulated for your safety, ensuring you get the best without all the guesswork.

If you benefit from ? and want to discover legal CA ? retailers in your area, check out the link in my bio to use the Real CA ?search tool. It makes finding these trusted options easier than ever.

New Photoshoot

Written by owner on March 31 2024

It has been some time since we had a proper studio photoshoot from Katie with the last one being in 2022 but that all look’s like its going to change with Katie her self posting some new outtakes of a shoot she just did. At this time we don’t have any clue what it’s going to be for but Katie said “More to come” so I hope we will find out soon. Till then the 3 outtakes are in the gallery for you all.


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Katie At Event 2 2024

Written by owner on March 31 2024

Back on March 7th, Katie made a new event in Beverly Hills to celebrates Cord Jefferson and American Fiction. Only two photos from the event have come out but i’m loving her suit she has on. You can fine the HQ photos in the gallery now.

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