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Stephen Huszar Teases A Royal Christmas Crush Sequel with Real-Life Girlfriend Katie Cassidy: ‘It’s Time’

Written by owner on May 23 2024

soaps.sheknows – Off-screen, Huszar has a Hallmark-worthy love story of his own. While filming 2023’s A Royal Christmas Crush, Huszar and his co-star, Katie Cassidy, fell for each other and are now dating. The couple kept their romance a secret on set to remain professional, but went public ahead of the movie’s premiere that July.

In our conversation below, we discuss Huszar’s new movie, the potential for a Royal Christmas Crush sequel and much more.

Soaps: What kind of dog do you have? Would you say you’re more of a cat or a dog person?
SH: We have a massive Burmese Swiss mountain dog who’s upwards of a hundred pounds, so she’s a handful … literally. She pulls me up the mountain. As soon as she wants something, that’s the direction she goes and that’s the direction I go. But she’s just the sweetest, always smiling. Just has the biggest heart and is so in love with life. It’s amazing, it really reminds you how important it is just to be grateful. And then we have two Persian cats. It’s a whole different scenario with cats. They don’t really care if you’re around, but these guys are a little special. They give us their love and they let us know in their own subtle ways that they’re excited when we get back.

Soaps: You and your partner [Katie Cassidy] obviously met on the set of A Royal Christmas Crush. Would you guys ever want to do a sequel?
SH: Yes, definitely. So Hallmark, if you’re listening, yes we want to. But yeah, we have actually been asked that quite a bit. So, it’s nice that there’s fans asking and I think it’s time. We would love that, so we’ll see what happens. Hallmark has their own ideas for things, but it certainly helps when obviously actors are pushing for something together and we have been. There are some other projects that we’re looking at doing together in the near future, so maybe that could be one of them. We’ll see.

Soaps: For Hallmark or just in general?
SH: In general, but potentially for Hallmark as well. Katie is extremely, extremely busy with her work and anytime that we can be in the same place and actually be on the same job, it’s great. We’re traveling so much and always visiting each other on set, so it just makes life easier.

Soaps: I know you guys kind of kept your relationship under wraps during that movie. Do you think it’d be different working together now that your relationship is public?
SH Yeah, it’s pretty hard to hide that these days. But I think it’s wonderful when partners can work together. I think it’s also probably interesting for the fans to watch and see how that dynamic is now that they know about us. And then we’re in different characters too, so it’s fun for us.

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