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Katie At Retrospecs Toight

Written by owner on April 21 2024

Katie will be doing a new live show today called Retrospecs were they will be doing old tv scripts that were never made into episodes. The show will star Katie’s co-star from Grace Debby Ryan and Supernatural Jim Beaver. You can watch the show live in person for $15 and you can watch on Livestream for $10 Here and the show will be from 2:00 PM 4:00 PM with the Doors opening at 1:30pm and its first come first served basis

Back in the early days of television (the 1990s), writers hoping to break in would write episodes of existing shows; these “spec” scripts were never meant to be produced, only to serve as samples for the aspiring writer. Spec scripts have gone out of fashion, but, in addition to being a great way to learn the craft, they were a lot of fun! You got to see the stamp individual writers put on your favorite shows.

In Retrospecs, we dig those old scripts by established writers out of their drawers and expose them to the warm light of the Elysian stage. Starring actors you know and love from TV, film, comedy, and the stage. From Girls to Gilmore Girls, from the Big Bang Theory to Buffy, get NEW EPISODES of your favorite shows, written by writers who never wrote for those shows! Only from Retrospecs.

Produced and presented by Ben Blacker (Thrilling Adventure Hour; Dead Pilots Society) Associate produced by Will Choi (Asian AF)

The April 21st show will feature:
Debby Ryan (Shortcomings)
Katie Cassidy (Arrow)
Jason George (Station 19)
Jim Beaver (Supernatural)
Olivia Scott Welch (Fear Street)
Sherry Cola (Joy Ride)
John Ross Bowie (The Big Bang Theory)
Kiran Deol (Destroy All Neighbors)
Ricardo Hurtado (School of Rock)
Demi Adejuyigbe (The Good Place)
Hrishikesh Hirway (West Wing Weekly; Song Exploder)
Lucas Hazlett (American Princess)

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