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Katie At Event 4 – 2024

Written by owner on May 12 2024

For the third year in a row Katie has made the 2024 Race To Erase MS Gala in LA, And I have to say her style at these event’s keeps getting better and better with this dress being my fav so far, tho from what Katie said not the most practical to be in. Over 90HQ photos from the night are now up in the gallery for you all.



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Americas Next Best President

Written by owner on February 11 2024

We all should know Katie did a Short film some time ago to come out this year for the election. And I was looking over vimeo for new things and there it was to view. The story is about Katie’s cat Carlos and 5 other people running to become the next president. Katie her self is only in it holding Carlos and we never see her but you can hear her. So please click it out Katie is a amazing job on it and I can’t wait to see more from her

Americas Next Best President from KatieCassidy on Vimeo.

Katie Covid Test With Empowerdx

Written by owner on March 06 2021

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Arrow Season 6 Arrow Hero Trailer

Written by owner on September 16 2017

CW Comic-Con Video With The Arrow Cast

Written by owner on August 09 2015


what katie wore: black and white

Written by owner on September 27 2013

Katie has post a new what katie wore on her blog Tomboy KC.

“I remember being told not to wear white after Labor Day by a much older and wiser woman when I was younger and thinking, Why Labor Day? That arbitrary date makes as much sense to me now as it did then. I have since learned that fashion is all about creating rules and breaking them. And while the “No white after Labor Day” rule has always been one I chose to ignore, at least this season the entire fashion community seems to be on board with me, as black and white is clearly the color combination of choice. Well aren’t we all just a bunch of rule breakers (or makers, depending on how you look at it)?”

– Studio Photoshoots > Outtakes > Tomboy KC > 005

“Supernatural” Blu-Ray Screencaptures Part One

Written by owner on April 29 2012

This is the first part of our previous DVD caps of Katie as Ruby in “” that have now been replaced with 1080p Bluy-Ray screen captures. Today i have replaced episode “3×01 – The Magnificent Seven”, “3×02 – The Kids Are Alright” & “3×04 – Sin City”. Part two is coming tomorrow.

– Television Series > Supernatural > Blu-Ray Screencaptures > 3×01 – The Magnificent Seven
– Television Series > Supernatural > Blu-Ray Screencaptures > 3×02 – The Kids Are Alright
– Television Series > Supernatural > Blu-Ray Screencaptures > 3×04 – Sin City

New Twitter Photos

Written by owner on July 06 2010

Katie just post a new photo of her self on Twitter today saying she was sleepy, It looks like she may now be filming Gossip Girl as she is in full makeup etc. I have as well added in the other three photos Katie has post in the past but i forgot to add in.


– Miscellaneous Photos > Kaite’s Twitter

@MzKatieCassidy Welcome to the…

Written by owner on September 15 2009

@MzKatieCassidy Welcome to the world of Twitter. And good luck with the show, im loving it so far.

Nylon September 2009 Scan

Written by owner on September 05 2009

A big thanks to Stephanie of Kristen Stewart Fan who was very kind enough to scan and send me one new photo of Katie’s and the cast of Melrose Place from the new Nylon Magazine, September, 2009.

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Wat did you guys think of the …

Written by owner on July 12 2009

Wat did you guys think of the Harper’s Island finale??

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