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Hello and Welcome to Katie Cassidy Online the longest running fansite dedicated to the talented actress Katie Cassidy. She's probably most known for her roles as Laurel Lance in the CW series Arrow and all its spin offs, as the talented Ella Simms in the remake of Melrose Place and her for her film work as the lovable Emma in 2011 Monte Carlo and showing her diverse performance as Suki in 2014 The Scribbler. Our aim is to provide you with all the latest news, images, career updates and other relevant information regarding Katie as they happen. For the last 10 years we have been striving to make KCO the best online fansite for Katie and all her fans all around the world and we will keep on doing this for the next 10 years - Abby
Posted on October 23, 2015 / by Abby in Arrow, Gallery

6 HQ stills from the fourth episode of Arrow 4×04 – Beyond Redemption, have been added into the gallery. With thanks Far Far Away .

– Television Series > Arrow > Season 4 > Episode Stills > 4×04 – Beyond Redemption

Posted on October 21, 2015 / by Abby in Gallery, What Katie Wore

It’s hard to describe the feeling you get when you put on a leather motorcycle jacket. It’s something akin to putting on a costume while simultaneously feeling the coolest and best version of yourself. Around here, we like to call it the “Moto Effect.” In layman’s terms, this is the effect the motorcycle jacket has of instantly making any outfit – be it the most feminine of maxi dresses or the grungiest of boyfriend jeans – instantly more put together and, for lack of a better word, cooler.

For us, there aren’t really seasons, just warmer months caught between those temperate enough to wear leather fit for a girl gang.

You know what we are talking about. Tell us there hasn’t been a moment when, dressed in your most put-together of ensembles, you happened across a friend in her black and white graphic tee, crisp dark jeans, and casual yet polished leather moto jacket and thought to yourself, “I want to be wearing what she’s wearing.” We know it has happened to you because it happens to us weekly once the temps start to drop.

Finding the perfect moto jacket, however, is another mission altogether – the right crop, the perfect stiffness (not too weathered but not so stiff your movements are those of R2-D2) and the requisite amount of metal (do you want a belt, what are your thoughts on lapel buttons, how many zippers are too many). It’s a tiring process that can take months if not years. We’ve bought real estate faster.

But once you’ve found it? Well, it’s the ultimate in investment staples, as we would beg to venture there is no sartorial sin that a motorcycle jacket can’t fix. Not a one.

You see, if you select the right one (i.e., bypass the one covered in an American flag, it is 70% off for a reason), it will be both timeless and seasonless, turning you into Superwoman one outfit at a time. And while you may not be able to wear it every day (even superheroes need their rest), we have a feeling you could come pretty close.

– Studio Photoshoots > Tomboy KC > 079

Posted on October 21, 2015 / by Abby in Arrow

Posted on October 21, 2015 / by Abby in Arrow

“Arrow’s” Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) isn’t a man who is known for his moral compass, but in the Oct. 21 episode of The CW drama, we’ll see the new Ra’s al Ghul faced with an ethical quandary when Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) and his daughter Thea (Willa Holland) arrive at Nanda Parbat with the body of Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) and a harebrained scheme to resurrect the long-dead vigilante. But as Thea’s own dip in the Lazarus Pit has proved, messing with the laws of nature always comes with a cost.

How has Malcolm taken to leadership of the League; is it all he dreamed of, or a case of be careful what you wish for?
Barrowman: It’s a combination of both, because our return to Nanda is through the eyes and the storyline of Thea and Laurel, and so we pick up however many months later… they come to him with a reason. We all assume that the League now is his, he is in control of that, and you’ll see in the episode how they are loyal to him. But the reason the girls have come back is to resurrect Sara, and Malcolm’s in a dilemma, because there his daughter is in front of him, and he was prepared to let her go and die because he knows the effect the Pit has on someone who’s brought back. So he’s reluctant to do it for Laurel, and there’s no love lost between him and Laurel, because she’s coming to ask for this favor and in the last season she turned to him during a big battle and said, in so many words, “thank you for saving my life, I wouldn’t do the same for you.” So it’s like, “girl, you’re coming into my house – what do you want me to do?” It’s very interesting, because you will see Malcolm being, in one way, ethical and moral with Laurel, and the audience is gonna go, “oh my God, Malcolm’s preaching here,” and then he has something that happens to his daughter in the episode, and he sees the change, and he does something that is totally the opposite of the morals and ethics he’s just preached to Laurel .So it’s the complexity of Malcolm and the reasoning behind why he does what he does – that’s what I love about him.

Posted on October 15, 2015 / by Abby in Appearances, Gallery

Some weekends ago Katie was at the and at long last we have some photos of Katie from the event for you all to see. Thanks to rwillia532 for them

– Public Events > 2015 > Baltimore Comic Con

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4 new MQ still from the third episode of Arrow 4×02 – The Candidate, have been added into the gallery, I will readd them in HQ when I can.

Edit: The stills are now up in HQ thanks to Far Far Away .

– Arrow > Season Four > Episode Stills > 4×03 – Restoration

Posted on October 15, 2015 / by Abby in Arrow

Posted on October 15, 2015 / by Abby in Arrow, Gallery

I have added in over 280 HD screencaptures to the gallery from last nights all new Arrow episode 4×02 – The Candidate. enjoy.

– Television Series > Arrow > Season 4 > Screencaptures > 4×02 – The Candidate

Posted on October 08, 2015 / by Abby in Arrow

LAUREL DEALS WITH THE AFTERMATH OF NANDA PARBAT — Laurel (Katie Cassidy) must deal with the repercussions of taking Sara (guest star Caity Lotz) to Nanda Parbat. Meanwhile, Oliver (Stephen Amell) asks Captain Lance (Paul Blackthorne) for a favor and while he’s not surprised at the response, he is surprised at what he finds out next. Lexi Alexander directed the episode written by Beth Schwartz & Ben Sokolowski (#405).

Posted on October 08, 2015 / by Abby in Arrow

Posted on October 08, 2015 / by Abby in Arrow

LAUREL TAKES HER SISTER TO NANDA PARBAT — The growing tension between Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Diggle (David Ramsey) puts both their lives at risk when they go after Damien Darhk (guest star Neal McDonough) and a H.I.V.E. deployed meta-human. Meanwhile, Laurel (Katie Cassidy) talks Thea (Willa Holland) into returning to Nanda Parbat to ask her father (John Barrowman) to put Sara (guest star Caity Lotz) into the Lazarus Pit. However, Laurel is surprised when Nyssa (guest star Katrina Law) refuses to do it. Wendey Stanzler directed the episode written by Wendy Mericle & Speed Weed (#403).

Posted on October 08, 2015 / by Abby in Arrow, Gallery

It’s here the premiere of Arrow season four was last night on The CW and what do you think to the episode! and who that ending, who do with think is going to die?. I have added in over 300 HD screencaptures to the gallery from the episode 4×01 – Green Arrow. So enjoy.

– Television Series > Arrow > Season 4 > Screencaptures > 4×01 – Green Arrow

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