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Hello and Welcome to Katie Cassidy Online the longest running fansite dedicated to the talented actress KATIE CASSIDY. She's probably most known for her roles as Laurel Lance in the CW series Arrow and all its spin offs, as the talented ELLA SIMMS in the remake of Melrose Place and her for her film work as the lovable EMMA in 2011 Monte Carlo and showing her diverse performance as SUKI in 2014 The Scribbler or Recently Seen in 2022 “Agent Games” or her Directors debut with “daddy issues". Our aim is to provide you with all the LATEST NEWS, IMAGES, CAREER UPDATES and other relevant information regarding Katie as they happen. For the last 11 years we have been striving to make KCO the best online fansite for Katie and all her fans all around the world and we will keep on doing this for the next 13 years - Abby

The following set of questions were taken off Katie’s old Official Site, please don’t sent me in any questions as Katie will not see them thanks.

Shelly asks: When’s your birthday?
My birthday is November 25th! I will be turning 17 and am looking forward to it!

Nikki asks: are you gonna be coming out with amother single? I have your first and i love it!!
I am working really hard on a new CD. I want it to be my own music and I am writing it myself. I have a single recorded, but am not completely happy with it. I am going to put a little bit of it on my website soon, but I am not ready to realease it yet. I want my next recording to be just right and to be the right timing too. It is so time consuming with school and all the other things I am doing too! It will happen, but it has to be right! Thanks for asking!

Chelsea asks: Katie, is it true greg wrote we’re in love for you??? Thanks for answering the ? =D
Yes, Greg did write that song for me, for my 16th birthday. We have been good friends for a long time but we are both very busy with our careers. He is a great guy.

urhot666 asks: Are you punk? and do you like being so so so famous?
Hi I don’t think I am any one kind of “look”, I am just whoI am…me. I don’t think I am that famous, but whatever it is, I enjoy. It’s really fun meeting so many people and if they like me, thats great! Thanks!

chelsea (one2luv06@yahoo.com) asks: What is ur #1 favorite color? (this could be any color)i wanted to know because i cant really find any of this basic everyday stuff on the internet.
My favorite colors and blue and black.

Fawn (fawn_baer@hotmail.com) asks: Hey Katie I saw that you attended the LA Fashion week I was just wondering who are some of your fave. designers or what stores do you like to shop at?! Mine are Louis Vuitton and Chanel and Burberry! And I also like A&F
I like A&F also…..My favorite jeans are Rock and Republic but I used to wear a lot of Frankie B. I like surf stores like Vals Surf and board clothes too. Normal 16 year old California girl type things I guess!

VickyZ (vczahn@ucla.edu) asks: Katie, do you support affirmative action? Are you pro-life or pro-choice? Do you think the death penalty should be outlawed? What do you think about the current state of the government and why?I’d love your thoughts on some real issues here.
I don’t think feel that my personal opinion on such issues should be public. I respect what everyone thinks, but feel that how I feel about political affairs or religious fews should be kept private. I hope you understand!

IThinkILoveYouFan (simpledreamer@email.com) asks: Hey Katie, are you a fan of the singer Kaci? What do you think of her version of “I think I love you”? I like your version more because it’s more hip hop and edgy than her bubble gum version. Who would’ve ever thought of putting a rap in the song!
I like Kaci’s version of ITILY. She did a nice job. It is very different than mine. The rap was fun. My sister Jenna and I came up with that. Personally, I would have liked it to be more edgier than it was. I didn’t have a say on that, but I would have made it sound much more rock and roll! Thanks.

Whitley asks: I LOVE your hair. How is it cut? How long is it? Give me the details. 😉
Hi Whitley I love your name, it is SO cool! My hair is cut blunt, but layered on the sides. I have a few bangs that are sort of long too and to the side. It is very thick, so it takes forever to dry. I am letting it grow really long, at least to my elbows. That will be the longest it has ever been. Thanks for asking!

JamesUK asks: What is your favorite childhood memory?
Every year my grandma would take me to Disneyland. It was a special time for just the two of us and no one else. I think I was about 3 when I first went and continued until I was maybe 12. It was our day and I especially remember the “Electric Parade”. It was so much fun and my grandma has always been very special in my life.

Webwolf asks: When you have free time, what do you do?
For fun, I like to hang out with my friends, pig out, and play Nintendo!

Katie O. asks: Ok! I know you are probably sick and tired of this..but whats up with you and Greg Raposo? I think it is sweet if you guys are together! More power to ya! lol!
Greg and I are really good friends. He lives on the East Coast and I live on the West Coast. I have a lot of respect for his music and think he is an awesome singer. When we are in the same town we get together, other than that we talk on the phone. Katie Cassidy

Haley asks: Do you ever talk to any of your fans on the net? If so, do you have a fan screen name?
I really have not had time to talk on the internet, but i think a chat is being set up for sometime in the next month. It will be posted on my site. Hope you all join me, it will be really cool!

Dan asks: What do you look for in a boyfriend?
I have to be with someone with a good personality and a good sens of humor! I like to laugh a lot! It is really cool when someone is different than everyone else! Katie Cassidy

Kate asks: Dear Katie, I really admire you and your and music so thats why I’m asking you this question. If you were going to have your ex-boyfriends baby and he wants nothing to do with you what would you do and please be honest.
Well, that is a very personal question. However, I want to be honest and answer my fans. So, all I can tell you is I would never have a child at my age. It would not be fair to the baby and I am no wheres near ready for the sommittment it takes. Whew, I can’t even imagine that!

Cate asks: What’s your middle name?
My middle name is Evelyn. I am named after my dads mother, Evelyn Ward Cassidy. The Katherine is after Katherine Hepburn, someone my mother had high admiration for.

Everly asks: hey katie- just for the record.. i think youre great.. but anyways i was wondering.. if you had to chose between acting, singing, or modeling which would you do and which do you like better?
Well, I think I enjoy singing the most. It’s more creative for me, but acting is a close second. I model just for kicks, it’s really fun.

VaNeSa asks: katie, i think you have great skin (haha not to be weird or nothing) but i was wondering wut toners or moisturizers u use… or do u just have naturally great skin
Thanks for the great compliment. I try to take care of my skin. No matter how tired I am I wash my face at night. I use Clinque products for teens. My mom started me on them. I am also lucky, both my mom and dad have great skin and it’s really soft!

Alyssa asks: I was wandering, Are you homeschooled..or do you go to public school. And if your homeschooled..Do you still have time for your friends?
I have already answered the one about school, but as for my friends…they are really important to me and I spend all the time I can with them. My mom makes sure that I have the time I want to spend with them. My high school years are important, not only for school but for my social life too.

danielle asks: are you still doing independent study…i think thats what you said you were doing around the time the bubblegum show aired. or are youback at normal high school?
I do both. I have some classes at school that have a lab especially or that are difficult and then I have the other half on independent study. It works out great for me. Then when I have to go out of town my school allows me to work ay my own pace, as long as it is completed.

danielle asks: when you study with your drama coach, do you work on theater acting or tv/film acting. and do you have any advice for someone just starting out in the biz?
I used to study theater and did a lot of community theater. Now I study film/television and they are really different from each other. I think it is good to start studying early and work hard!

Mallory asks: Hey Katie! Do you think you are going to be touring any time soon? or at least making appearences somewhere? I would love to see you live, but are you going to wait until your record is done?
I am waiting to appear again until I have finished my own music. I have never liked ITILY and it’s not current. I want to finish writing and recording what I like and then move on from there, but I can’t wait! Thanks!

Amanda asks: Earlier you said you talk on the phone with Greg Raposo. How often? Do you ever chat with him online?
I talk with Greg whenever we have time. Right now we are both really busy, so it’s not as often as before.

Brianna asks: What would you do if someone you cared for very deeply got in a huge fight with a sibling? I really need your opinion on this. It is very important!!
Well Brianna, I get into agruments with my sisters all the time. We are different people! I know we are mad at the time, but it doesn’t last. Your fights won’t last either, it’s just a difference of opinion.

Garry Fowler asks: You’ve said delaying your album until you’re ready and mentioned interference from your Dad. Forgive me for asking this but do you not get on with your Dad?
I’m sure you’re told this all the time but you’re soooo cute and have the most fantastic smile I’ve ever seen !!! Wow! Thanks for the great compliment. I’d rather not get into my personal life with my dad. He sees things much differently than I do and says a lot of things to contradict himself. So for now, I am just doing what I think is right for my future (with support and guidence) !

bella asks: Have you decided on some perspective colleges?
Well, I hope to go to a university that had a great theater and music department. I am taking college prep courses in high school and am considering going to either Florida or New york. Not too sure yet. I still have 2 years of high school and take the SAT’s this year, ugh!

Criscelle asks: Do you prefer Britney Spears of Christina Aguilera?
I really admire both artists they are awesome in their own way. I think my style and sense of Music is more like Christina. She is edgier and just more of a rock artist so I relate to her music more.

Kerry asks: Any news on making another music CD? I need to build up my Katie collection. 🙂
I am currently writing and recording all my own music. It is so cool and I love doing it. I get to express how I feel. My new CD will really reflect a lot of my own feelings about things in my life.

Sara asks: Hey Katie, wow! Your such a great Artist…so many great things I could say about you. Anyway, my question is, What is something you would want people to remember you, as for a person?
I think for my originality. I like to be my own person and be true to myself. I am really honest with my feelings and with who I am. Thanks for asking.

Cierra asks: What kind of music are you in to now? Who are some of your favorite artists?
Christina Agularia and Sublime are two of my favorites. There are some artists out there with incredible voices, too many to list.
danny asks: katie how tall are you? how do you stay in such great shape and whats up next for you in your budding career?
I am currently writing and recording. I am taking my time so it is really my own sound and my own music. I go into the studio a couple times a week. Besides I am having fun being a teenager with my friends. Nothing to keep in shape and I am 5?5? tall.

Rosa asks: You are an awesome singer! Since you and Greg are like good friends.. Would you ever consider going on tour with him?
Funny you should ask. Greg and I have joked about that. I would go on tour with him eventually, it would really be fun. I think I’d better finish the album first though…;)

Jennifer asks: Whats ur favorite movie of all time
I would have to say Titanic. I went to the premier with my mom and it was awesome. I got to meet Leo and thought he was so cool, even though I was about 10. He is a great actor. I also like Pearl Harbor a lot too.

Courteney asks:Hey! I was just wondering how u keep your body so toned? Do you run or do any workouts each day? Thanks!
Thanks so much Courtney…I have to admit though, my “tone” is inherited. Both my mom and dad are small boned and never have had a weight problem. I don’t work out regularly and I eat like a pig….I know, it’s not fair. I have a problem keeping weight on!

kwon@korea asks: is it true that aaron carter is your boyfriend??..are you dating him??..if not..then is it hilary duff??..or lindsay lohan or pagano??..which is which??..
I can only answer for myself. I have known Aaron for a year or more and he is a cool guy. I don’t talk with him often and I am not dating him. We just run into each other now and then.

GlitterBabyGrrl@hotmail.com asks: Where do ya get your clothes from?! Me and my friend love `em 😀 Shelby &Jen
I am so glad you like them! I get most of my clothes at boutiques. I just love shopping and look for really unusual stuff. I just put things together that work for me. I especially like to go to stores when I am out of town.

Louise asks: Do you anticipate doing anymore acting on TV? Do you want to be an actor as well as a singer?
Yes, I do want to continue acting as well as singing. Right now though I am continuing with my drama coach. It is difficult for me to be cast because I look older. In this biz they want you to play younger if you are under 18, I look older. Does that make sense? So in the meantime, I am studying.

Elaine asks:have you and Lindsay Pagano been friends long?what’s Lindsay like?
Lindsey and I have recently become friends. I don’t see her often as out schedules don’t allow it. She’s a really nice person, a little quiet, but very nice.

Dan asks: I heard you are friends with Jack Osbourne, have you ever been to the house of Ozzy Osbourne and what is Jack like away from the cameras?
How you guys find these things out amazes me..lol…Jack is a great guy and is very respectful of me. I don’t find him any different than any other teenage boy. He is very cool in person, not obnoxious like on the TV show. I have been to the Ozbourne house, but only chaperoned. My mom won’t let me go without my oldest sister along and I always have a midnight curfew. He is very sweet and in my opinion has just had some difficulty with all the fame. He is a good friend of mine and he’s a cool guy.

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