Hello Katie fans! This Thursday Katie had some time while on set of Cover Versions for a small Facebook Q&A where she speaks a little bit about the movie (spoiler alert, she sings in it!) You can watch the video bellow, plus we’ve uploaded to the gallery more behind the scenes pictures shared on social media!

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Unfortunately I have bad news for you all, my laptop gave up and died last night and there is no saving it. The good news is I just got a new one but it will not be with me till Friday/Saturday time so all updates will not be up now till I can get it all up and running. Again very sorry for this but it was something I did not see coming at all. The only other way I May have is my mom’s very old laptop that may or may not work so I will try my best to have a go on it if not see you all on Fri/Sat time.

Edit: Ok so it’s now looking like I will not get my new laptop till Tuesday now again sorry for all this but I will be back up and running this week.


It would not be right to have Arrow’s 100th episode without Katie and i has now been confirmed by Marc that Katie will be appearing in the four-way crossove event that will feature Arrow’s 100th episode. At this time we only known she will be a part of the Arrow part but could turn up in the other shows (Supergirl, Flash and legends of Tomorrow). Marc has said they the episode will be No flashpoint. No flashback. so I think we can rule out Laurel being there so will Black Siren make her way to team Arrow? or will we see a new version from Earth 3 coming to play?. They started shooting the episode yesterday (23th Sep) and will finish on October 7th. So Katie should soon be coming to Vancouver to film her parts for it.

This past week I was lucky enough to catch Katie Cassidy, star of CW’s Arrow and The Flash, between shows and speak to her about her NYFW Hot to Adopt Feline Fashion Show and Lounge with Fresh Step. In addition to a feline-inspired fashion show, complete with cats on the runway, the Hot to Adopt lounge also offered attendees an exclusive opportunity to adopt their very own feline right there!

The NYC Talon: Can you tell me a little bit about your Hot to Adopt Feline Fashion Lounge with Fresh Step, what can we expect?
Katie Cassidy: Yes, so you can expect feline inspired looks which I think is fun. I’ll be hosting the Hot to Adopt Feline Fashion event and fashion show with Fresh Step and I think it’ll be fun, I think it’ll be interesting. Obviously it’s for a good cause and you can actually purchase this shirt [pictured above, more details below] at freshsteps.com and part of it will go toward helping cat shelters all over the country, which is such a great cause and I’m excited to do it. I’m excited to see what people will wear, and actually we’ll be having cats walking down the runway which will be fun, yeah it’ll be very cute.

TNT: So I saw your post on TKC [Katie’s blog, post seen here], are cat ears something we’re going to see on the runway?
KC: Yeah, I certainly think so, I probably will wear some. I know there’ll be cat accessories that are very feline inspired, and it’ll be fun to bring that sort of awareness to people and get rid of that sort of crazy cat lady stigma. So we’ll be taking fashion and felines and sort of turning that stigma around. I actually just bought this clutch will a little cat face, it’s very cute.

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Stars, they’re just like us: They want to binge-watch their favorite shows with a maximum level of comfort.

On the red carpet at Friday night’s EW Pre-Emmys Party, actors and actresses from Shameless, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family, Arrow, and Rocky Horror Picture Show explained just how they like to binge-watch their favorite shows – especially Stranger Things.

“I was really upset there were only eight episodes,” Arrow star Katie Cassidy said. “I was like, ‘Come on!’


With Katie being in LA for filming it means she can do a lot more events there and with that being said she attended one yesterday (September 16th) for Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party looking as amazing as usual. Some HQ photos from the event have been now added to the gallery, be sure to check them!

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Katie announced at SLCC she would be filming a new movie and this last Monday after NYFW she when right over to LA to start filming, The movie is called for now Cover Versions Katie is playing the lead singer of a band called Starfoxy, with Jerry Trainor, Drake Bell and Austin Swift being her co band mates. The film will take place in Coachella and will be a muder mistery that will be from different point of views on who did what and who the killer is. So far unlike all of her last movies there are a lot of on set photos being post by not just the cast but there own official instagram account , So that should make keeping up with this movie a lot easier unlike (the wolves at the door).

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There’s some kind of manic social pressure that surrounds getting dressed at Fashion Week, and not in a “I want to look cute today” sort of way. It’s definitely more of a “dress to impress” mentality that seeks to overtake everyone’s sensibilities and sense of self worth. Like all of these people on the streets labor over impractical (it’s 90 degrees outside, why are you in wool?!) sartorial statements in order to justify their existence.

Hi pot, this is your friend kettle. We’ve been there.

We’ve been the girls in four-inch heels switching our weight from one foot to the next in the middle of a presentation because we just had to walk a block in shoes that are more fashionable than they are comfortable. We’ve definitely snuck flip-flops into our handbag in order to pull a switch once we’d exited a show and ducked safely into a car. Hell, if we had a dollar (or better yet, in most cases $50+ dollars) for every pair of flats we ended up buying at the closest boutique because our feet just couldn’t take it one. more. second…

What is the point? Seriously, though. What is it? What is the oh-so-incredibly-important reason we are wearing shit we would never otherwise wear under these circumstances in order to impress people who are so focused on their own aching soles that they probably didn’t even notice the incredibly stylish torture devices we had strapped to our own hoofs.

So we just said, fuck this.

It didn’t feel very TKC to be trying so hard anyway. And frankly you guys, we had a lot more fun this season. I don’t want to go so far as to say it’s just because we wore flats 90% of the time, but it certainly didn’t hurt. Literally.

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Katie did a interview with Revelist during the Hot To Adopt that she was the host of, In it she talk’s about her love for cat’s

“Growing up, I’ve always been more of a dog lover,” Cassidy told Revelist. “And a year ago, I got Kizu, a little rag doll.”

“Obviously I think it’s really important to adopt cats, dogs, animals in general. But then I learned that there’s actually around 3 million cats in shelters, and it just broke my heart.”

“Dogs are more hands-on. Finding a forever home for my cat didn’t change my lifestyle that much. Obviously, when I travel, I make sure someone’s taking care of [Kizu], but it’s not a difficult thing.”

“If anything, it’s nice to have a little friend to greet me when I come home.”

“I love that designers are incorporating cats into different clothing [and] just making it part of a positive thing,” Cassidy told Revelist.

“I think cats are cool. I think they’re all the rage right now, and I hope they stay that way. Hopefully we do change [the cat lady] stigma.”